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Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting | February 22, 2016 - MINUTES

St. Helena Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting

Monday, February 22, 2016

City Hall – Conference Room


Meeting Called to Order at 4:31pm

Roll Call:

Commissioner Smith
Commissioner Oswald
Commissioner Phinney
Commissioner Demchuk
Commissioner Cutler
Tracey Perkosky – Grants Manager
Amalia Kulczycki
Aaron Hecock, Senior Planner

Steve Palmer, Director of Public Works
Haidi Arias, Recreation Director

Public Comment:

No Public Comment

Approval of Agenda:

Commissioner Demchuk approved the agenda. Commissioner Smith seconded the motion. The agenda was approved as presented.

Approval of Minutes:

Commissioner Demchuk approved the January 20, 2016 minutes as amended. Commissioner Smith seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as amended.

Reports by Staff and Commission:

Tracy Smith – Lyman Park, next to the mortuary, needs to be cleaned up. Bush by the restroom, makes cement slippery. Water Fountain off and not working, seems.

Commissioner Oswald – Starr Baldwin, fence is in need of repair. It has been years since I have been talking about this. Southwest side as you are coming in from Vorhees. You will see it on the left.

Commissioner Phinney – Crane Park water fountain south side parking lot, by tennis courts, not working. Has been awhile.

Commissioner Demchuk – lights on skate park are on when the skate park is wet and when it is raining. This has been noted previously as well. Perhaps getting it off automatic timing.

Commissioner Cutler - McCoullgh Park corner net needs to be fixed.

Scheduled Items:

a)Wappo Park – Zoning and Land Restrictions Information

Presented by Aaron Hecock, Senior Planner

Senior Planner with the city present at meeting to go through Wappo Park and its particular zoning. What is permitted with this particular park is traditional park and recreation. The permitted uses are narrow. Wildlife, botanical, outdoor nature areas, public parks, playground...athletic fields included of all kinds.

Use permit required for all athletic fields and fielding. Will have to go through City Council.

Environmental issues including burial remains that are there now.

Bill passed that mandates tribal consultation would be mandatory. Permitted uses would be wise to consult regardless. Any move forward should include the Tribe.

Commissioner Demchuk asked if there are areas that are strictly off limits. Aaron Hecock replied not that we are aware of, but can find out when we move forward. It is a rich sight that we know of from the Skate Park investigation of being there initially, prior to being built at Crane.

Commissioner Oswald asking about sod at dog park. Aaron Hecock says that ground disturbing would become an issue, but doesn’t foresee sod as an issue. Something to look into.

Talking about previous interest in putting a soccer field there. Maybe we as a Commission can look into that again as far as space and size. It is not invasive as far as ground disturbing. Field better than a foundation. Commissioner Smith asks if it is a good call to put a list together to get an idea of what is possible and what is not before we move forward. Aaron Hecock suggests having a consultation as a recommendation to move forward.

All of this information can be found in 17.72 section on the city website.

b)Hunt Ave. Parcel/Stabo Trust

      Presented by Tracey Perkosky, Grants Manager

     Attachment – Memo provided by Tracey Perkosky

There was interest in the park a few years ago, now it is a topic again. Tracey, the Grants Manager, would like to go to the land trust and give them an idea of what to do with the park.

Two parcels of land, see attached for more details.

Prohibited uses: Tracey is trying to get verification from the Napa Land Trust as to its use for conservation. See attached for more detailed information.

There is an existing well on the property.

We as a city want to make sure we are ADA accessible. Parking and seating included. Exercise equipment must also be ADA. Steve Palmer recommends trails, should they be included, be ADA accessible.

See photos of property now provided by Tracey Perkosky. Pointing out oak trees and maintenance, as well as new growth Oaks, second generation.

Commissioner Demchuk states city acquired the parcel in 2005 and the oak trees have been pruned once. Every seven years is the schedule and weed abatement is twice a year.

Commissioner Smith we need to talk to the neighbors in the area. Would be a great place to start so we don’t come up against any surprises during the process.

Commissioner Oswald is asking why it is named Hunts Grove and not Stabo Park. Perhaps that is something we can think about, renaming it.

Restricted use is minimal improvement for passive recreation – so we as a commission have to thing about maintaining what is there, but upgrading it to make it a place to visit. Zen garden, paths, yoga, incorporate Land Trust for native plants and grasses, keeping it open. Check on work out stations to see if they are passive or active rec, circular path, two stations, picnic, zen/contemplation garden, fountain, garbage, sitting area, tree identification and plant species, is a bathroom possible.

Jesse Duarte, quickly filled us in on Marie Stabo. 95 years old died in May of 2005. Hunts Grove is an area with 6 Valley Oaks. Member of the Catholic Church. Secretary at Vasconi Insurance. Always their intent to have the property undeveloped.

Land Trust first, ideas from Commission, and then Community.

Future Agenda Items:

Suggested uses of open Wappo Park space to submit for conversation with tribe for consideration.

Follow up with Tracey on Hunts Grove and conversation with Land Trust.

Firework update and touch base/update from City Manager Jennifer Phillips prior to going to City Council on March 22nd.

Provide the Council resolution that talks about Commissions pervue and the areas under your guidance.

Lyman Park discussions and proposed changes that have been introduced to council and other members of the community.

Next Meeting Monday, March 21st 4:30pm

Meeting Adjourned at 5:30pm

Minute Date: 
Wednesday, July 13, 2016


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Parks Bocce Court Reservation Form
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